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MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Manja und Barney

Breeders name

Ever since being a child I was longing for my own dog. That wish finally got fulfilled in the summer of 2014 with Barney. At the age of 8 weeks he moved in and conquered our house and hearts.


Pretty soon we knew that we wanted to get a second dog and in the spring of 2015 the cheerful Manja completed our family.


In using the first letters of the names MANja, JUlia and BArney our breeding name MANJUBA came into being.

About me

With my family and our dogs I live in Norderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein which is located close to Hamburg. We live in close proximity to the woods.


From loving our dogs the wish came upl to breed ourselves. After the successful graduation from a breeding seminary and a preparation phase we can now say: We are ready!


I am a member in the club „Club für britische Hütehunde“ (club of British herding dogs), VDH/FCI and am going to breed after their guidelines.

Our Dogs

MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Manja


Manja (Cosmopolitan Cover Girl vom Feueropal)


Assets: HD A, ED 0, MDR +/-, DM NN, free of CEA, PRA (rcd 2) DNA non-carrier, homozygous shorthair, full scissor bite, CI 1



Deutscher Jugend Champion Club (German Youth Champion Club)

Deutscher Champion VDH und Club (German Champion VDH and Club)


Manja is a very versatile dog. She has a cheery personality and doesn’t know a “can’t be bothered” attitude. Whatever you plan and whenever you approach her, she’s always motivated and happy. She has a fast perception and is dedicated to learning.

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MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Barney


Barney (Best Friend vom Feueropal)


Assets: HD A1, ED 0, MDR +/-, DM N/DM, free of CEA, homozygous shorthair, full scissor bite, CI 1


Barney is available to mate with suitable female dogs.

Barney charmed us immediately with his quiet and confident nature. Even as a puppy he was open minded, kind and social towards other dogs. He has kept this quality til today. Facing new situations he maintains an overview and reacts balanced. He loves children and is very patient with them.


Barney is just a laid-back dude and a true friend, you can count on at any time!


Snapshots from our everyday life with dogs.

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Breeding / Litter planning

We plan to have our first litter with Manja and Henry during the season of autumn / winter 2019.

MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Manja


Cosmopoltican Cover Girl vom Feueropal 

HD A, ED 0 MDR1 +/+ DM NN, CEA frei, PRA (rsc2) DNA non carrier

MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Henry


Kalalassie`s in Fintry Scotland

HD A, ED 0 MDR1 +/+ DM N/N, CEA frei

Virtual pedigree

MANJUBA Kurzhaarcolliezucht Barney Welpe

Rearing of the puppies

The puppies are going to grow up in our living room, having an affiliated terrace and garden. This way they will be a part of our families’ daily life. We are going to introduce the puppies gently to different everyday situations to prepare them for their future dog’s life.

Your contact to Manjuba

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

e-mail: hallo@manjuba.deJulia Schneider 

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